Shanghai or Bust

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

For Sale - American Piano player

I am the next big import to China . I come fully equipped : Hepatitis A inoculation , 230 bucks , 2 bottles of Pepto bismal
$6.37 , Air travel ticket round trip on United Airlines 1,350 bucks, American made music amplifier 1.400 bucks pickup , $100 , Strings $100 and that thing you just can't buy , me !

As well as making the purchases noted above I have had to make the usual preparations for a long trip . Time consuming tedious and not worthy of details .

Hopefully while I am over there I can find gainful employment , legal of coarse , playing music .( I have been led to believe that there is a vital Music scene in Shanghai .) In this way , I will do evan more to stem the economic tsunami we call China . Bring our money back where it belongs , in the good old U S of A .

There is a danger that I could be musically cloned .The Chinese would study every aspect of my style then unleash on America one thousand Chinese piano players that sounded exactly like I sounded at that particular time . Frozen in time by the will of the chinese collective conscience . Then , on my return to this country , I will be ridiculed and scorned for having become a chinese clone piano player . I'll try to explain , ' But they are all copying me ! I am the original ! I swear it . ' People will laugh , look at me with pity , turn away in disgust . Scarry . Maybe I will just play ragtime

I wonder about what I am going to miss from this country . Maybe I should import more of these things to China . Beyond my personal needs of coarse . Maybe an american products super store in China would go over big . AMERIMART .We can sell cheese and maple syrup and Ketchup and ....... do the Chinese know how to make a good hot dog ?


  • At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glenway, I still say we should stream you in via internet for our March gigs. Just a spare amp our loudspeaker on stage with a crackly bass tone emerging. The inherent delay might be "funky" as they say. -dermster


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