Shanghai or Bust

Thursday, February 16, 2006


So , Here I am at the Laundromat cleaning all my bedding so that my room will be ship shape at the time of my departure . My cell phone rings showing a California phone number . " hello " .
" Glenway , It's David "
" Who ? "
" David Donald "

David Donald ! Now I don't expect that everyone who is reading this necessarily knows who David Donald is . I met David at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School in 1970 , We were in a play under the direction of Harriet Rogers , a fine acting teacher and a professional actor in her own right . We shared adjoining closets on the stage and would come out on occasion to perform what would best be described as a Mutt and Jeff schtick ' thing ' . First experiences can have a profound effect on relationships . To make a long story short , we have managed to keep our Mutt and Jeff schtick going on and off for some thirty five years combining with variation of the game musical chairs . I cannot count the number of musical collaborations we have had over the years and there are projects that I wouldn't necessarily want to bring up without changes a lot of names and other facts .

" David . I can't hear you very well in hear . Damn cell phones . What are you doing in California ? "

'I'm not in California I'm in th643a9ui]1[j d "

" Wait. What ? Let me go outside . What ? "

" I'm in Thailand ! "

So David Donald is in Thailand . He is Playing Bass in a mostly original Rock Band whose members are mostly From New Hampshire . The Band is opening up for everyone famous who bops through town and are working on an original album . Also , he has fallen in love with a beautiful Thai girl named Cha Cha . WOW . wouldn't believe it if I read it on a Blog !

He has a work permit in Thailand but has to go out of the country to renew it so I might end out seeing him in Shanghai .

Back to the point . Stay focused this is Shanghai or bust not the David Donald Fan-club Website. I am going to Shanghai to play music . Hopefully Myrick and I will be enormously successful . God knows we deserve it . Both of us have been playing music most of our lives . A lot is on the line here. I have invested time and resources to get there . Which leads me to this pledge . I will not go to Shanghai and fall in love with a beautiful Chinese girl . I will not go to Shanghai and fall in love with a beautiful Chinese girl . I will not move go to Shanghai and ,......... Will I ? I hope not ???????????????????????????????????


  • At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Steph said…

    Your life is full of coinky dinks Glenway. And people you've known for 40 years or more. Always popping up when you least expect it.
    So who have you run into in the Shanghai Starbucks?
    Blog us!


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